Party Planning Checklist

3-4 Weeks Before The Event
  1. Decide the party date and time. Also plan a rain date ( if outdoors ).
  2. Choose the location for the event.
  3. Create the guest list.
  4. Plan and book what activities and company services you would like to have at your event.
  5. Make the invitations. You should provide the following information.
  • The title of the themed occasion.
  • The party hosts first and last name, to avoid confusion.
  • The day and date of the event.
  • Start and end time.
  • Name of place and address.
  • Rsvp deadline with your phone# and email address.
  • Have a rain date or back up plan ( if outdoors ).

2-3 Weeks Before The Event
  1. Send the invitations. It's best to ask guests to rsvp, to get an estimate of how many people to expect.
  2. Plan your menu. It's nice to have a variety of food and drinks that is appealing to everyone.
  3. Prepare extra activities in advance, you want to keep everyone busy. Also try to have a quiet spot for the elderly.

1 Week Before The Event
  1. Be sure to order enough food, drinks and tableware. It's better to slightly overbuy.
  2. If it's a childs birthday, include the birthday child in the preparations.
  3. Order the cake in advance from the bakery, or buy the supplies if you're going to bake it yourself.
  4. Make any other foods that can be made ahead of time and store in the freezer.

2-3 Days Before The Event
  1. Buy film and/or videotape. Buy new batteries for the camera or camcorder if necessary.
  2. Try to get an exact guestlist count. Call those who haven't responded.
  3. Arrange to have balloons filled with helium to pick up the day of the party, or try to have it delivered.
  4. Reconfirm with the companies you booked services with. Make sure they have the correct directions.

1 Day Before The Event
  1. Child proof the party area. You want to have a safe, comfortable place where the children can have fun and not hurt themselves.
  2. Decorate any indoor areas, save outdoor decorating for the day of the party.

Event Day
  1. Finish decorating the cake, or pick up the cake from the bakery. Make sure you have plenty of candles and matches.
  2. Pick up the helium filled balloons, if not delivered.
  3. It's a good idea to offer food and drinks to the employees working at your event. You might get better results from the workers if they had something to eat.
    Tips are optional, but it's always a nice thing to do.
  4. Take plenty of pictures or video to remember this special day.

2-3 Days After The Event
  1. Send thank you cards for the gifts and attending.
  2. Develop pictures, then send to relatives and close friends.